Philosophy in Practice

People ask, referring to a degree or education in philosophy, “What are you going to do with that?” And of course the only honest answer is, “Nothing.” You can add if you want, following Heidegger, that the better question is, “What will philosophy, if you concern yourself with it, do with you?” It’s a good response but more of a conversation stopper than anything else.

As this project and blog force me to think more about who I am, where I come from, and what I care about, it’s starting to dawn on me that philosophy is what I’m doing. It is the achievement and application of what I’ve struggled for. It now seems wrong to ask myself what philosophy is for, as though it were a kind of capital for re-investment or a body of knowledge to be put to use or a technique for solving certain problems. Instead, I need to start thinking more about, and coming to terms with, how so much of my life has been for philosophy, to be able to do philosophy.


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