La Diferencia

So I’m pouring over the early essays written by members of el Hiperion. At this time, late 1948, early 1949, Macgregor, Guerra, Portilla, Villoro and others appear fascinated by existential phenomenology, especially of the Sartrean, Merleau-Pontian (?), and Heideggerian flavor.  And so I ask myself: is philosophy happening here, or are these just interpretive exercises? It is clear, to me at least, that philosophy is happening. It is a matter of listening, I suppose. It is clear that they are reading, interpreting, and in the process, philosophizing about their own historical situatedness; internalizing their readings and owning their own thoughts; assuming and making new. It appears, to this reader of readers, that they, the young hiperiones, are desperately attempting to own what they read, to infuse their reality with whatever Sartre uncovers about consciousness, with what Heidegger reveals about death, or whatever Merleau-Ponty says about anything. In the process of that infusion, or appropriation, they speak originally, and from a time-place for which they are taking responsibility as Mexicans. It is obviously not filosofía sin mas—it can not be. It is filosofía y mas.

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