Translating the Odd Stuff: A Plea

Since this is a public forum, I’d like to ask the public for some input on an odd passage I found in Aurelia Valero Pie’s collection “Filosofia y Vocacion.”

In Uranga’s description of what philosophy is, he says the following: “La filosofía no era—no es para mí—tema de un devaneo solitario sino asunto de conversación, de comunicación, de vida en común; red que se tiende somo un Puente entre un yo y un tú; secreción eroticamente potenciada de la relación humana.” (Valero 65)

It’s fairly simple: in responding to Gaos, Uranga wants to say that philosophy is not rooted in subjective but in intersubjective life–in Rortyian-like community of interlocutors. Sure, fine. But what is that about “secreción eroticamente potenciada de la relación humana”? I’m translating it as: “secretion, erotically charged with the human relation.” But I know that’s not exactly right. So three questions:

1. Is this a colloquialism?
2. How can I translate this?
3. What the hell does this mean? In my violent incursions into Mexican thought, I’m interpreting this to mean that philosophy is an emanation, floating in the ether of the superstructure, but grounded on the inter-relations of people, who give birth to it in acts of love for one another and their specific, temporally determined, life-world. How off am I?

One response to “Translating the Odd Stuff: A Plea

  1. I’m not sure if this is a colloquialism, so we’ll have to get our Mexican friends to respond. But it seems to me that the translation should capture that it is a secretion of human relations–an emanation as you say. So maybe “erotically charged secretion of the human relation”? It also might be reminiscent of Plato’s use of “eros” and “erotic.”

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