Mexican Identity and Philosophy: National or Continental?

As we continue to work on our translation project, specifically as we think about our audience who may be interested in Latin American but not Mexican philosophy (yet), I keep coming up against this nagging question: what is the relation between Mexican philosophy and Latin American philosophy? Is Mexican philosophy different and unique or a particular instantiation of a larger philosophical tradition?

In his Making of the Mexican Mind (1952), Patrick Romanell says that … “philosophy in Latin American is essentially philosophy in Mexico writ large” (32).

However, while there is no doubt much overlap, or a kind of continuity, between the Mexican and Latin American traditions, I wonder if it wouldn’t be more fruitful to consider Latin American philosophy as a collection of internally heterogenous traditions. It seems to me that one thing we can learn from Latin American philosophy – just as we can from trying to define Latin American or Latino/a identity – is that sometimes it is more fruitful to highlight differences and diversity.

I wonder what our readers have to say!

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