Good News/Buenas Noticias

A little over a year after our first meeting to discuss how to promote Mexican philosophy in the US, Carlos and I are happy to report that Oxford University Press has formally accepted our anthology of 20th century Mexican philosophy for publication! This is great news for Mexican and Latin American philosophy and we’re grateful for all the support we’re receiving. We specifically want to thank nuestros colegas who met with us at the College of William & Mary a little over a year ago and who helped us give shape to a vague vision we all shared: Amy Oliver, Kim Diaz, Gullermo Hurtado, Aurelia Valero Pie, and Alejandro Tomasini Bassols, muchas gracias.

Hoy, celebramos. I can hear Kim’s grito from here.

In other news, I’ll be starting as an Assistant Professor at Mount Saint Mary’s University this fall, and more importantly, was hired for my work on Latin American/Mexican philosophy.

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