Announcing The Southern California Workshop for Underrepresented Philosophies (SoCWUP)

Although we will probably eventually decide on a different name and acronym, I want to announce that I am planning to organize a regular workshop for anyone working on an underrepresented philosophy or related topic in philosophy. The premise of this workshop is that philosophy is not just Western philosophy; that what counts as philosophy is determined by who gets to philosophize; that it is important to diversify both the profession and the philosophical canon; and that the diversity of our social identities and lived experiences, past and present, are not only an appropriate subject for philosophical reflection, but also stand to change the meaning and direction of “philosophy.”

Philosophies and philosophical topics to be included (but not limited to):

  • Latin American, Mexican, Mexican-American
  • Chinese, Asian, Asian-American
  • African, Africana, African-American
  • Historically marginalized ancient and indigenous traditions
  • Race, gender, culture, Feminist, LGBTQ
  • Epistemic injustice, ethics of immigration, intersectionality, de-colonial studies
  • Comparative philosophy

Ultimately the goal is to gather – by providing a space and occasion to meet – not just those philosophers who represent a minority in philosophy, but specifically those who are interested in or working on the difference the minority experience makes, or might make, to philosophy.

Depending on the number of people who join the first year, I am envisioning meeting once or twice a semester to discuss a member’s work, the purpose and direction of the group and what it represents, and the value and challenges of continuing to work on an underrepresented philosophy.

If you’re interested in joining the workshop, PLEASE EMAIL Robert Sanchez at for more information about meeting times/dates.

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