Let Us Not Forget the Corrido

To allow ourselves to philosophize as Mexican-Americans immersed in the experience of being Mexican-American – that is, to produce Mexican-American philosophy – we are stating that we don’t have to choose between philosophy, or the academic discipline that claims to represent it, and who we are. We can read and write and think philosophically about ourselves, that is, without having to forget who we are or where we come from, and more importantly, we can do so on our own.

The other day, and or the first time in my academic career, I had a philosophical conversation with a colleague who used the word “chunti” totally naturally, as if there was no reason not to assume that I would know what she meant. For the first time, I felt at home in philosophy. I felt like I could philosophize with my neighbor, a cousin, the cholo who I don’t want to give me shit while I’m watering my lawn.

As we re-collect our time and place, our circumstances, let us not forget the various expressions of it. So, here’s the song of the day, a video a good friend of mine helped to make.

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