Inter-American Journal of Philosophy, Latest Issue

Dear Colleagues/Colegas of Philosophy in the Americas,

 It is my pleasure to announce the publication of Vol. 7.1  of the
 Inter-American Journal of Philosophy

(table of contents below)

In this volume Carlos Sanchez claims that  M.Teodoro Ramirez and G.Hurtado are “the present standard-bearers of Mexican philosophy (in the tradition of Ramos, Uranga, and Villoro)”.  This is followed by articles by these two living Mexican philosophers (writing about Villoro and Paz), and an article by F. Mills on Dussel. Check out also a review by A. Santana on J. Maffee’s book on Aztec philosophy.

 We continue to be committed to the pluralism of philosophical orientations in the Americas. A supportive editorial board and a new generation of scholars engaged in original scholarship on Inter-American philosophy have been the key to our success. We are committed to carrying this momentum forward in the years to come and work on some improvements.  Here are ways that you can help us out:

 *Here is a Call For Papers to continue to spread the word about us.

*We are interested in enhancing news about conferences in the Americas and more book reviews. We welcome information to our IJP facebook page or you can e-mail us.

*We need people to edit & add content to our wikipedia page. As contributors to the journal, we hope that you will take a moment to visit the page and add content to it. In particular, we would be grateful for any links you can provide to relevant information and scholarly work regarding Inter-American philosophy in the U.S., Latin America, and anywhere else Latin-American philosophy is an area of interest. 

 Thanks! Gracias! Obrigado!

  Gregory “Goyo” Fernando Pappas

(Editor in Chief)

Kim Díaz


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