Candidates for Cover Art (1)

So our manuscript deadline is September 1, which is in like 10 minutes, and I’m starting to think about the art work for the cover – something we probably should have been thinking about a lot earlier, since I’m sure it will be tough (and expensive) to secure the copyright.

In general, we’ll be looking for something that captures the spirit of the book: the development of philosophy in Mexico between 1910-1960, a somewhat revolutionary project tied to the formation of national identity, and concerned with the issue of Mexico and identity in some way. The anthology is also for English-readers, primarily in the US, and so it represents the kind of introspective project we hope will be inspired by having to make sense of a strange style, method, conception of philosophy. Overall, it should represent the idea that what a good neighbor policy and a rapprochement between the US and Mexico require is a knowledge of and feeling for the similarities and differences between the US and Mexico.

Por eso, I offer this image as the first of many candidates for cover art. Please let me know what you think and whatever suggestions you may have. I think I’ll start a series of these posts to include suggestions and to continue to think out loud.


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