As Carlos mentioned in the previous post, the manuscript is in. It’s a hard thing to say out loud – come to think of it, I’m not sure I have – because I guess I don’t entirely believe it yet. To let go of something that has required so much of you for so long and which felt at times like it would never end is strange (to say the least). So while I’m sure we still have a lot of work to do before the book sees the light of day, and sure that I’ll find plenty of other projects, large and small, to keep me more busy than I should be, right now I can’t help feeling unsettled and a little disoriented.

While I start considering what aspects of Mexican philosophy I want to dedicate myself to next – I’ll write about some options soon – I thought I’d share our table of contents so that you, dear reader, can start saving your nickels for your first edition hardback! As you’ll be able to see, with a few exceptions the essays are arranged chronologically.

So, here’s to pulling back the curtain just a bit…


Introduction 1

Gabino Barreda and Contemporary Ideas (1910) by José Vasconcelos 59

Discourse at the Inauguration of the National University (1910) by Justo Sierra 83

Existence as Economy and as Charity (1916) by Antonio Caso 99

Neither Irrationalism nor Rationalism but Critical Philosophy (1928) by José Romano Muñoz 127

20 Years of Education in Mexico (1941) by Samuel Ramos 138

History of Philosophy in Mexico (1943) by Samuel Ramos 153

The University Debate Between Antonio Caso and Vicente Lombardo Toledano (1933) 168

Two Ideas of Philosophy (1940) by Francisco Larroyo and José Gaos 201

My Two Cents: “American” Philosophy? (1942) by José Gaos 241

Philosophy as Commitment (1952) by Leopoldo Zea 249

Solitude and Communion (1948) by Luis Villoro 274

The Major Moments of Indigenism in Mexico (1950) by Luis Villoro 296

Essay on an Ontology of the Mexican (1951) by Emilio Uranga 309

Community, Greatness, and Misery in Mexican Life (1949) by Jorge Portilla 328

Art or Monstrosity (1960) by Edmundo O’ Gorman 356

On Feminine Culture (1950) by Rosario Castellanos 371

Possibilities and Limitations of the Mexican (1958) by José Revueltas 382

The X on the Brow: Some Reflections on Mexico (1952) by Alfonso Reyes 406

The Problem of Truth (1962) by Abelardo Villegas 424

Bibliography 449


4 responses to “Teaser

  1. Has OUP given you a timeline for publication. I am trying to get a Mexican Philosophy class going this summer, and would like to include your book on the official paperwork I turn in to the administrators.

    • Hey Brian, we were told that the book should be out before June and so far we have no reason (yet) to think that won’t happen.

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