One response to “New Essay on Seriousness and Portilla

  1. I am concerned that in a time like this we need coalitions among very different resistance groups but each group is more committed to the “truth” of its ideas than to the larger battle. Luis Villoro (Mexican philosopher and Zapatista) had some interesting reflections about how historically collective movements of resistance have even ended up split or even practicing exclusion. For Villoro, a resistance movement centered on some set of beliefs or some explanation of the world is susceptible to the following exclusionary attitudes that can affect the inner workings of the movement: “If you do not share the same beliefs or theory of domination as I do, then you are not one of us (against domination) or should be subjected to suspicion. The movement splits on the theoretical basis on an issue, such as which category-axis explains more, or who is the most-oppressed group.”The mistake is to center a movement of resistance “with a system of beliefs”, or its trying to be “an explanation of the world”, when it should be a “moral posture towards the world.” Theories (logics of domination) are needed but they are nothing more than tools of critical reflection, that may have to be modified and changed as we engage in the struggle: dogmatic adherence to anyone is counterproductive.   Gregory Fernando Pappas, PhD Professor of Philosophy, Texas A&M UniversityVice-President of Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy, Fulbright Scholar Editor-in-Chief of the Inter-American Journal of Philosophy 

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