The Philosophy of Immigration in Los Angeles

As Trump and Sessions try to wield all their political leverage to force Sanctuary cities like LA to comply with their ridiculous laws, we are trying to prove the efficacy of ideas and solidarity in our continual effort to resist. So, it is in the spirit of resistance that I would like to announce that José Jorge Mendoza will be giving our annual Larkin Lecture at Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles.

Here are descriptions of his two talks:

Lecture 1—Laxtinxs and the Future of Whiteness in American Democracy 

Demographic changes driven primarily by the growth in the Latinx community suggest that the U.S. will become a “minority-majority” country by around 2050. Professor Mendoza will argue why we should be suspicious of this claim and what that might entail for our democracy.

Lecture 2—Crimmigration: The Injustice of Criminalizing Migration

Opponents of immigration have often overlooked some key injustices that can only be remedied through a more robust conception of immigrant rights. Professor Mendoza will argue that one of those overlooked areas is the recent phenomenon of “crimmigration.”

His two talks are free and open to the public. For details, see attached flyer. And for details about coming to campus, email me at


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