Por fin, almost

Next week, it will be three years ago exactly that we convened at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, to discuss how to make Mexican philosophy widely available in the US and in English. Along with our Mexican and Estadounidense colleagues, we decided that the first step, the most urgent, was to translate the most influential and representative texts in Mexican philosophy into English. And so that was the task Carlos and I set ourselves to.

It’s been a long road full of challenges and (self-)doubt, and not a few complications, but we just finished copy-editing and are proud to announce, first, that, barring any major catastrophe (Ivanka becoming president?!) our anthology is set to be published at the end of this summer (likely August, September 1 at the latest), and second, you can NOW pre-order your copy.

Here is the party flyer OUP just sent us. Get your copy while supplies last because, you know, this thing is definitely going to sell out.




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