Call for Papers


Philosophical Reflections on “Chicano/a”, “Mexican-American”, “Latinx”

Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies

Description: In the interest of developing an inclusive and interdisciplinary dialogue about naming identities, we are seeking philosophical papers to be submitted for consideration as a “dossier” in Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies.

Aztlán dossiers are collections of short essays (roughly 5,000 words per piece, maximum of 6, plus a short introduction from the curator) curated around a single theme. Individual dossier pieces are much like short essays, though they may be a bit more casual or personal than formal research projects.

To have an unpublished essay considered, please send an abstract (~250 words) to the guest curator, Robert Eli Sanchez, Jr., at

Deadline to Submit Abstracts: July 31, 2017

Topic: The purpose of this dossier is to assemble philosophical reflections on naming cultural identities, particularly Chicano/a, Mexican-American, or Latinx identity. Such questions might include, but are not limited to:

What is the meaning of “Chicano/a,” “Mexican-American,” or “Latinx”? Why should one choose one name over the others? Should one? What work is the “x” in “Latinx” or “Chicanx” or “Xicanx” doing? Why are some resisting the “x”? How might choosing the name of one’s cultural identity represent larger critiques of cultural imperialism, (neo)colonialism, structural racism and/or sexism, Eurocentrism, heteronormativity, nationalism, and so on? What have these questions to do with philosophy?

What is meant by a “philosophical reflection,” of course, is open to interpretation, and part of the purpose of this dossier would be to exhibit the breadth of the term “philosophical” and of the work philosophers are doing today, as well as to generate conversation across disciplines. So, papers that are perhaps more personal or biographical than is typical for academic philosophy journals are not only welcome, but encouraged. Exploratory, creative, or otherwise unconventional essays are also welcome. Preference will be given to papers that avoid technical terms and jargon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Sanchez.

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