Journal of Mexican Philosophy

Recently Carlos and I announced our next joint project (see my last post) – the second installment of our translation project. Today we want to announce a new joint project that we committed to during our recent trip to Mexico City  – an online journal dedicated to the translation, introduction, promotion, and dissemination of Mexican philosophy. 

We are still unclear about the details, but here are a few guiding ideas. 

First. While anthologies are important and serve multiple purposes, there are a number of smaller pieces that we’d like to translate, some perhaps that wouldn’t make it into an anthology unified by some theme or idea. Also, anthologies take a long time to produce and we feel some urgency to get smaller translations out sooner than later.

(We feel the urgency even more after some biblio-archeology in CDMX where we found exciting stuff in print that we can’t find online and didn’t even know existed.) 

Second. We would like to provide a home for emerging scholarship specifically on Mexican philosophy, a place that encourages scholars in the US and Mexico to translate and continue enriching the landscape of Mexican philosophy. 

Third. Our goal is to help the field emerge without the pressure of having to conform to traditional, professional, or institutional standards that are already established. Ideally – that is, if we are somehow wildly successful – there may come a time when the pressure is applied the other way around.

Overall, we are envisioning a creative space for the development of Mexican philosophy in the 21st century, not unlike what José Ortega y Gasset had in mind with the Revista de Occidente (1923) or what Eduardo Garcia Maynez did with Filosofía y Letras (1941). We feel this is a natural extension of our blog that will help us to introduce new texts in need of translating and colleagues who are hoping to contribute to our project.

As I said, there are still lots of details that need to be sorted out: name, funding, logistics, board, etc. But we know that we want the journal to be online, and that we will print a special “collector’s edition,” some tangible (and beautiful) representation of this work that we can shelve next to our copies of Filosofía y Letras. We know that submissions will be peer reviewed by an international board, as a way of guaranteeing quality. But that’s about it for now.

In the meantime, as we’re brainstorming, start fundraising, begin working on the first volume, and so on, please feel free to send along any advice.


One response to “Journal of Mexican Philosophy

  1. This is a wonderful and welcomed idea. Your commitment to philosophy is stellar. Any way I can help, let me know.

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