A New Chapter, Dos.

Although we’ve been gone for a bit, we continue the work of translation and of normalizing Mexican philosophy. In the past, this blog has served as a space to air out our grievances and clarify our thoughts about those things we are wondering about when it comes to Mexican philosophy, and although we’ve let it dry up over the last year (I’m especially guilty), it is time to take it back up.

Over the past 18 months, I’ve been engaged in a number of different projects, all of which are somewhat related to my interest in Mexico’s intellectual geography:

The first: a book on brutality. Specifically, on the violence of Mexican narco-culture and how the sort of violence that we see as constitutive of that “culture” is different. I call it brutality. I’ve written a book that will be published in the next couple of months.

  • A Sense of Brutality: Philosophy and Narco-Culture (Amherst: Amherst College Press).   

The second: the translation of and introduction to Emilio Uranga’s Análisis del ser del mexicano. The manuscript is complete and is scheduled to come out sometime in the next year.

  • Emilio Uranga’s Analysis of Mexican Being: Translation and Critical Introduction (Indiana: Bloomsbury).

The third: a book on Jorge Portilla co-written with Francisco Gallegos. It is a collection of essays each of us wrote on three of Portilla’s previously untranslated essays (which we also translate). This one is also in press and should come out soon.

  • The Disintegration of Community: On Jorge Portilla’s Social and Political Thought (Albany: SUNY Press).

The fourth: a series of essays on Mexican philosophy, including:

As for future projects—which I will try to work out here, in the blog—I have seven writing goals i’m setting for myself for the coming year (so from now until Summer 2021):

  1. Begin work on the next volume of Robert and I’s anthology of Mexican philosophy.
  2. Begin work on establishing our Journal.
  3. Translation of Luis Villoro’s “La Reduccion a la Immanencia”; invited and to be published with The New Yearbook for Phenomenology and Phenomenological Philosophy (Routledge).
  4. Finish an article already in its final stages, “Elsa Cecilia Frost: Culture and Nepantla.” This is an essay on the Mexican philosopher Elsa Cecilia Frost which I’m co-authoring with one of my MA students.
  5. A biographical sketch of Emilio Uranga. Which I will probably just broadcast here.
  6. An article on Villoro and Xirau on Silence. A sketch of which is alerady in here somewhere.
  7. And, an article on ethics in Adolfo Sánchez Vasquez and Carlos Pereira. I’m still thinking through this.  

So, with this, I welcome myself back to the Blog. I hope it’s fruitful for us and enjoyable for you!

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