Call for Abstracts

We are happy to announce that we are funded to organize the 3rd Biennial Binational Conference on Mexican Philosophy.

Some of you may remember that I hosted the first at the College of William and Mary in 2014, and as far as we know, it was the first time that scholars from both Mexico and the US formally met to discuss the history and future of Mexican philosophy in the US. And, as you may know, the result of that first meeting was our recently published anthology.

Now that our anthology is out, we want to discuss the promise or universal significance of la filosofía de lo mexicano. I’ve tentatively titled the conference México como problema y promesa/The Problem and Promise of Mexico, since we want to focus on philosophers in Mexico and the United States who have problematized the concept of Mexico (its history, future, and meaning) and Mexican identity. If you’re considering submitting an abstract, you might keep in mind that I kind of stole half the theme from this book:


It is important to us that our ongoing effort to promote Mexican philosophy in the US is genuinely binational. As such, we will invite at least two speakers from Mexico, and we highly encourage our colleagues in Mexico to submit abstractsWe may be able to help with some funding. Also, queremos que se sienta en libertad de escribir en Español  as the future goal of our conference is that it is also genuinely bilingual. 

In the near future, we will put up a conference website with more details about keynote speakers, scheduling, themes, relevant literature, participants, and so on. For now, here is the preliminary Call for Abstracts:


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